In the late years of Dr Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, before the settlement of an organised unified peaceful government of Ghana the formerly Gold Coast, Miss Christiana Abima, my mother met Mr Stephen Yao Amponsah who was a well-to-do business man at that time.  But Christiana was under the care of my late Uncle Godwin Kwaku Amoah who was a very compassionate, respected man and the pillar of my extended family. My sister Georgina Amponsah and my brother whom I call ‘God’s Will i am’, were about 11 and 8 years old when the good news spread out that Godwin the second was about to be born.  On Friday the 23rd of the first month of the year, I Godwin Eyram Kofi Amponsah was born to be the third Friday-born of the family.  My sister Georgina who is the eldest of us was born on a Monday and my mother was born on Friday.  Days of birth are important to Ghanaians; everyone is given a name associated with the days of the week.  Some people have their first name as their day of birth-name.  When I was confirmed into Christianity at an older age, I choose to be named Eyram, which means 'God has blessed me'.

Before my mother and I could go home, news got home that Christiana Abima another woman with the same name as mother’s and in the hospital had died after new Life sprang out of her.  So there was weeping before joy got home when my mother and I arrived home.  This was in Accra the capital of GHANA ; ‘God Has A Nation Ahead’.

In that same year, my Grandmother's two other daughters Aunty Elizabeth Adanu and Aunty Rose Ampoh, also give birth to Emmanuel Enyonam Adanu and Princess Sename Ampoh, who is of a royal family.  Just as the vision of Elizabeth , the second of the three mothers, revealed.  The three of us Godwin, Emmanuel and Princess became the youngest born of the three women left of my Grandmother. 

When I was old enough to cease feeding of my mother and able to walk on two feet, not four, she went abroad for a career in Floristry and Horticulture.  Christiana landed in London where her brother, Uncle Godwin lived to study in the same field as her.  He was the head of a botanical garden in Ghana called "Parks and Gardens" and started to build a family house in the village before he died of car accident.  The foundation of one of the buildings still stands beside a pile of bricks and the completed family building.

William Amponsah, my brother and I lived with our grandmother Maame in Anfoega, a village in the Volta Region of the Ewe tribe.  I started nursery school in Anfoega and went on to elementary school where we taught English, Maths, ‘R.E.’ and ‘Art’.  I remember there were times when we made images with clay and having a liking for Maths.  I later on found some old exercise books of my mother Christiana and realised she was also good with the subject too.  As for Maame, the beauty of her unusual complexion gave her the nickname ‘Sheisfair’ and she did not go that far with her education.  Since Sheisfair was the centre of attraction to male teachers of those days. 

There was no work from school to take home, so after school, it was fun times until sunset.  We sometime told stories and riddles under the moon until about 8PM, and then came the ‘adult’ talks which did not interest me.  So off to bed I went, to lie beside Maame. There were times when William would run out of riddles and go for some wisdom from our Grandmother.  The riddle I remember well is 'what is soldiers of thousands but one belt?’ That is the band of broom that cleans our surroundings. There were no rubbish bins in the village but it was fairly clean since everyone cleaned their homes and paths. The wisdom of the riddle is that there are thousands of soldiers but they all work together as one mighty army of a nation.

Some times after school, we would go the farm, especially on Saturdays.  Sunday was a day for church and rest for some of us.  Others were too old to go the distance or had different beliefs; some were completely ignorant of knowledge of the goodness of God our Creator.  I enjoyed the Sunday school best since there was singing, dancing and storytelling. My mother often came from abroad to visit us from time to time in Anfoega with a whole lot of provisions and gifts.  

At about 7 years of age we moved to Accra to join our sister and the family of ‘Aunty Peace’, my mother’s friend who lived at Osu-Accra.  I did not finish my elementary school in Anfoega but I joined a new school in Accra .  I now think that I was not put at the right stage to continue my education without disturbance to it.  Well, there was no peace in my mother's friend's house.  So we had to move to another friend of Christiana called Mr. Senaya, which means, ‘God provides for his children’.  Mr Senaya lived in Cantonments and worked with the former President Jerry John Rawlings at the castle.

With Mr Senaya I joined a boarding school called St. John's Boarding School. Just as I started to settle down, we had to move again to my Aunty Elizabeth’s house. With my Aunty, the future was much brighter ahead.  His husband Mr KG Adanu was a teacher before so he taught us at home.  I joined yet another school here too called "De Youngsters International School" in Nima.  I was doing well up to stage 5, about to enter the last stage of elementary, when the schooling system change in Ghana . That was when J.S.S, Junior Secondary School was introduced in the country.  I was secretly moved to another school for few months so as to get examinations done to get an entry into a boarding Secondary School. The new system meant long years in schooling before Secondary School. 


In 1989, I Godwin EK Amponsah attended Bishop Herman College which is a boarding school. I was in the second year, when I had to discontinue my education in Ghana because I was living with my Uncle Kofi Adanu who worked at West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) as their Senior Deputy Head Officer. He travelled to Nigeria with WACE and did not return back alive. His work was his source of joy and unifying people, his secret pride of accomplishment on this earth. Educating the young future leaders and business people of Ghana was the great legacy. His children Professor Richard M K Adanu a medical doctor and the first born in the family, Dr Mrs Victoria Adanu Lokko also a medical doctor and Mr Emmanuel EK Adanu who is a qualified Computer Networking professional, are testimony of this great mind of Ghana, Mr Kofi Adanu. He is surely resting in perfect peace of God almighty. May his generations learn to follow in the footsteps of the great man, that is to unite people of different families with a common ground of interest at heart.

Therefore, my Mother Christiana Abima decided to bring me to Untied Kingdom for good to stay with her and further my education abroad. So in the summer of July 1991, I moved from Accra to live in Kensington. I joined St. Mark's CE  Secondary School and in the year September 1993 got a place at South Thames College, where I enjoyed studying BTEC National Diploma in Electromechanical Engineering for 3 years. After a great deal of research I decided to read Computer Systems Engineering (CSE) at the University of Sheffield in the year 1996.

I am fascinated by what computers can do particularly the development in sciences of the industrial arts and human needs. The systems aid a lot in solving problems, which so far no other technological instrument is capable of attaining. Above all, the course contains most of the elements I expected from it. That is, to gain understanding of how computers are use at the workplace and the life management skills expected of a person in the society.

The course is a blend of Computer Science (CS) and Systems Engineering. Most of engineering courses have only a single major disciple and systems are becoming more and more complex. For example engineering systems now have a mixture of electrical, electronic and mechanical components and may include chemical process as well. So Systems Engineering brings (Computer, Control, Electronics, Electrical & Mechanical Systems and Medical Systems) together under one branch as Automatic Control Systems Engineering (ACSE). CS is another department by itself.

CSE is designed for student to develop an understanding of the use of computers, both in design and programming, within complex engineering systems and in many diverse applications. This distinguishes the course from standard Computer Science course.

CS involves Information Technology, which I have been learning about already. The other part of CS was complicated to understand. ACS was easier since I did Engineering in College and Pure Mathematics was my favourite subject but I was not better in applied Maths since other matters had to be taken into consideration in dealing with this kind of discipline. Perhaps I should have continued with Engineering instead of this new found science of complicity to get me excited with cognitive understanding of matters in life.

I was in the second year of CSE but after some difficulties I felt that I had been trying too hard to obtain what I don't already have within. So I thought to myself that without possessions what do I have to grow, to put to good use and to give the world. Naturally Literature and Philosophy was the answer. So I changed subject to do an access course at the Division of Adult Continuing Education in order to go ahead with my studies in Sheffield University. 'To be or not to be', that was not the question for my quest of knowledge but to realise my full capacity in wisdom and recognise one's own natural and spiritual abilities.

My Information Technology specialties are 'Computer Programs Managements'. This includes especially, Graphic and Web Designing for media presentations on the Internet, to Multimedia Editing & Productions. I can also do basic IT Support Assistant and maintain software programs and some basic upgrading of hardware of Personal Computers. For example, I own a 13 years old PC with 3 Hard Drives, different Operating Systems, and an upgraded Memory to the maximum possible and with upgraded DVD Writer, all still working in good condition. Except that it is slow to do some task with the old PC, like Video or Audio Editing and Converting to 'Copy' unto DVD. Tasks like Word Processing and a couple of others have no problems of space, memory or CPU usage at all. There are uncountable programs working in good order on the PC thanks to the Internet revolution and the User Friendly nature of earlier Microsoft Operating Systems like Windows 98 Second Edition.

I am a well organised and enthusiastic person who can work well as part of a team or as an individual. I have 3 years experience in Administration and 4 years as a Web Designer which remains my passion. I feel that my enthusiasm combined with my knowledge and ability of computing systems and problem solving; would make me an asset to any organisation.

Written & Completed from 29/09/1997 to 5/09/2007 by Godwin EK Amponsah & was last modified on 20/4/2013

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